For many organisations, troubleshooting errors on your logistics pipeline can be time-consuming and take away important resources.

With SLNet from SeattleLab, organisations can get a better understanding of their logistics pipeline. We can help you quickly identify the reasons for incomplete telnet sessions as well as errors with your RF devices, such as invalid codes and RF units not responding.


SLNET 6.2 & 6.3 (64-bit) can help with the following:

  • Track everything from client to server

The full communication pathway can be logged to your server. This allows you to trace and replay sessions and quickly verify operator or other errors.

  • Help narrow down the location of errors

With enhanced logging you can easily see where errors may be originating in your communication path, allowing you to quickly identify corrective actions.

  • Application and client errors

Use enhanced logging to help troubleshoot your full connection path and infrastructure. Identify bottlenecks or communication errors quickly. Our new enhanced logging can help you reduce costly downtime.


Make sure to check out our Products page for a full breakdown of the different SLNET versions, including our latest versions 6.2 & 6.3(64-bit).


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