SeattleLab are pleased to announce the launch of the new SeattleLab website where you can discover solutions to many of your communication and security needs. For example, SeattleLab provides secure, high performance Telnet communications software for Windows servers and RF devices, specialising in fast paced commercial applications which are used by thousands of organisations around the world.

Our goal with the new website is to improve the information and support that we provide about our products and to demonstrate how your organisation can benefit from using them. We have enhanced the website with new menus, content, and styling for an improved ease of use by visitors and enabled it to be interactive on any device that you use. The goal is to continue to enhance the website with up-to-date information about our organisation and our products to demonstrate how these solutions will further enhance your business and our reputation.

Above all, we are aiming to ensure that the information is not static or out-of-date. We have integrated the website with several platforms to ensure that the content is dynamically updated. Our News section provides all the latest information about new product versions and enhancements. Our ChatBot feature enables you to communicate directly to our support team and our Social Media platform integrates the site directly to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin accounts so visitors to the site can benefit from improved communication with frequent updates.

Just in time to coincide with the new releases of SLNet, the new SeattleLab website offers up-to-date information about the different versions of SLNet, helps you find a reseller or consultant around the world or lets you buy SLNet direct from the site. Our solutions section provides information on how some of our customers currently use SLNet within warehouses, retail, healthcare, food processing and with SAP.
We always welcome feedback so contact us at [email protected] or talk to us on our ChatBot