SLNet For SAP Console Users – Proven, Reliable, Trusted.

Nearly 100,000 SAP users depend on SLNet for connectivity
SLNet is a full-featured Telnet service that optimizes the wireless environment. SLNet gives users the ability to easily log into custom applications or access the Window’s Common Command Shell.

SLNet delivers:

  • a proven, risk free, business solution that meet all your needs for connectivity, productivity, security, reliability, and performance. SLNet is installed and configured in a few minutes.
  • a powerful and flexible solution to your needs. Its thrifty use of resources and multi-tasking engine allows an unlimited number of telnet sessions on a server.
  • support for Unicode and UTF-8 character sets and can make any terminal or device pass in the right sequence of characters to your application. Any language, any terminal, any application – SLNet is there to do the job.

Special Needs?
SLNet may be customized by our development team to meet your specific requirements for devices, processes and applications.