Over the last 2 months, SeattleLab has overhauled our product range to support the most up to date Windows Servers.

Both of SeattleLab’s latest releases SLNet 6.2 and SLNet 6.3 are supported by Windows server 2016 and 2019.

Now we have a variety of different product and versions to help our customers find a solution to any problems that may arise on their logistic’s pipeline.

Here are just some of the features offered by SeattleLab’s latest versions:

SLNet V6.2.1

Bug Fix Release
Improvements to Auto-Reconnect features
Performance Improvements
Integration with SAP Console 7.3
Improvements to SLCon user Interface
Support for Windows 2016 and 2019
New Installation package

Windows 2012
Windows 2016
Windows 2019


SLNet V6.3

As per 6.2.1
Removal of all 32-bit components
Fully 64-bit compliant

Windows 2012
Windows 2016
Windows 2019


SL SECURE (Released this week)

Secure Shell (SSH)

Flexible Terminal Emulation

Automatic reconnection

unlimited Concurrent Connections

No Proprietary client software required.

Unlimited Telnet Sessions


For more info on the different solutions we offer, please visit our SeattleLab product page, https://www.seattlelab.com/products


SeattleLab would recommend that all new users consider using either V6.2.1 or, if your infrastructure is fully 64-bit compatible, then use V6.3

Users of earlier versions can easily upgrade to one of the Version 6 releases. If you have a current support agreement, you will be eligible for a discount for these licenses. Please contact our sales team for help with this, [email protected]