SLNet is the leading solution for Telnet servers, RF device connections and terminal emulation.

Over 30,000 customers (warehouse, manufacturing, grocery stores, healthcare, etc.) wordwide praise it for its reliability and high performance.

SLNet delivers a multi-user solution for server-based applications with a flexible terminal emulation capability that removes the need for re-programming to connect applications to terminals or RF (radio Frequency) devices.

SLNet is available for a free 14 day evaluation.  Visit our shop and select the 14 Day Demo version from the store.  When you’re ready to buy, simply come back and make your purchase.

Supported Platforms – (native or VM)
Windows Server SLNet 6.0 SLNet 5.3 SLNet 5.0 SLNet 4.1 SLNet 2.6
 2008 R2
 2008 64 bit
 2008 32 bit
The following platforms are no longer supported as Microsoft®
has discontinued support for these Operating Systems.
If you are running one of the versions below, please contact our sales department
for information on an upgrade.
 2003 R2 64 bit
 2003 R2 32 bit
 2003 64 bit
 2003 32 bit

NOT supported:
Windows NT, 2000 Pro, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Itanium