St Patrick's Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year, SeattleLab is offering the next 50 customers an exclusive discount of 25% off on our range of SLNet products.

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This offering is valid from St Patrick’s Day and expires at midnight on March 31st.
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SLNet is the leading solution for Telnet servers, RF device connections and terminal emulation.

SL Secure builds on the highly successful SLNet product range, it adds a layer of security between the SLNet server and the wireless handheld devices whilst maintaining the features provided by SLNet.

SL Secure optimises the SSH protocol link between radio frequency devices and Secure works with Windows versions 2016 onward as well as enabling an unlimited number of users.

SLNet is a full-featured Telnet service that optimizes your RF device wireless environment. SLNet gives users the ability to easily log into custom applications or access the Window’s Common Command Shell from any RF device.

Over 30,000 customers (warehouse, manufacturing, grocery stores, healthcare, etc.) worldwide praise it for its reliability and high performance.

So celebrate St Patrick’s Day with us and avail of our 25% discount.

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